Bagels in to a social star because he wore dark glasses for eye issues

Is unlikely that felines eye conditions have become a social media speculated after the picture spread he wears unusual sun shades.
Name Bai ji icy cat, who lives along with her master kalunmaijier in the United States in Los Angeles, Los angeles, was born without eyelids, be unable to tear.
He had operations to help her condition, but no eyelids Karen needs to apply eye drops oakley sunglasses sale, several times a day.

Together with veterinarians, Karen came up with an idea, let the cat some sun shades that will ultimately protect her sensitive skin.
Grey cat is now used to the glasses wearing Association they feel comfortable and protected.

A icy cat: bagels has become a picture of a society is not likely after media speculated he ran to the virus

In of the felines is now known to her followers social media cat in sun shades.
Karen, 48, said: “Bagel is the most caring, gentle, quiet and friendly felines you will ever encounter.
“Everyone desired to touch her and hold her.
“They require to cease to speak to me about her sun shades, which is what I always do, because it is so rare to see CAT glasses, I tell them, why she is wearing them, and her disease.

Paste jewelry with sunglasses-liner-will help prevent debris in the bagel’s eyes, which may hurt her cornea, leading to blindness.
Every one time in some time Karen removed her glasses, cat wash, but in public, he always let them in, drawing plenty of attention.

Karen a bagel, years elderly, when a lovely cat has months elderly.
Now, he hopes that her popularity would encourage others to accept animals and volunteers to take care of special needs.
There’s her eyes, sun shades cat allergies, you cannot regulate her body temperature, which is why he is wearing her few Instagram shots.
Karen added, “animals deserve to be happy in a loving relatives.

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